Key Components Of A Full Body Transformation

5 Key Components Of A Full Body Transformation

When you begin a new diet and exercise routine, your goal is to see a full body transformation. However, for most people, this just isn’t the reality. They find themselves unable to reach their goals, and then they end up giving up and reverting to their old habits.

The reason that so many people struggle to reach their goals is that they are missing one of the five key components to reaching a full body transformation. Read on to find how what the five key components are and how you can make them work best for you.



Perhaps the most important part of any body transformation is the diet that you are eating. A simple internet search is going to find you a wide range of options. Ultimately, you are going to want to select a diet that doesn’t cut anything out of your diet completely.

When you cut something out in its entirety, you are more likely to cheat because you are going to miss that food. Instead, focus on getting a healthy number of calories and ensure that those calories are coming from healthy food sources.

Find out what number of calories you are going to need to consume on a daily basis to meet your goals and work out where you are going to get those calories from. Remember to consider how much sugar, carbohydrates, fibres, and protein you are getting from your dietary choices, as well as the rest of your vitamins and nutrients.



Like with diet, you are going to be able to find a wide variety or exercise routines and options by doing a little bit of research. Choose an exercise plan that you are going to be able to stick to. Start with small changes and work your way up.

If you aren’t exercising at all, walking for even fifteen minutes a day to begin is going to help you to see results. Try to choose exercises that are going to work your entire body in a rotation, focusing on different muscle groups on different days of the week.

It is also important that you don’t forget about your cardio exercises. Remember, you can have fun with your exercises, look for classes that appeal to you to make it easier to stick to.



Your mind-set is going to make the biggest impact on whether you are successful with your body transformation. If you are of the mind-set that you aren’t going to be able to reach your goals, you aren’t going to reach them. telling yourself things like “I don’t have time to work out” or “I don’t know how to eat healthy” are going to sabotage your chances of success.

Instead, tell yourself that you are important enough to make time for and that you can learn how to make healthier food options. Then follow through and prove to yourself that you can do it.



What is your motivation to transform your body? Perhaps you are going on a trip, and you want to drop some extra weight, or maybe someone close to you was just diagnosed with a health disorder, and you don’t want to be next.

Your motivation is personal to you, and there is no right or wrong to what can motivate you to want to be healthier. Whatever your motivation is, remind yourself of it on a regular basis. put up motivational pictures where you are going to see them or use motivational quotes.

If you can find someone who understands your motivation, that is a great person to rely on for support and to remind you of that motivation.



You aren’t going to be successful if you don’t have some form of support during your journey to a body transformation. Changing your diet and exercise routines takes a lot of work, and it is easy to get discouraged. You might not have anyone who you know personally that would be a good support for you, but that is okay.

You don’t need to have someone who is physically present to support you. There are many online forums that are full of people who are taking the same journey as you and are going to be more than willing to support you.

When you have a bad day and eat something that you shouldn’t, and a day that you don’t work out the way that you meant to, having a support person to encourage you and help you through the bad days is going to be the difference between your success and failure.

Reaching your goal of a full body transformation isn’t going to be easy. However, there are some key components to ensuring that you are successful.

By ensuring that you have the right diet and exercise plan as well as motivation and support you are going to ensure that you are in the right mind-set to make your goals and do everything necessary to achieve your body transformation

Habits Of Super Fit People

5 Habits Of Super Fit People

Have you ever noticed that some people find it incredibly easy to lead a healthy life and exercise regularly, while others can barely manage to get enough motivation to go for a run once a month. In some cases, certain people will work out every day for a couple of months, only to return to their old sedentary ways and unhealthy eating habits after a certain amount of time.

So, what’s the secret behind being able to exercise and maintain a healthy diet all of the time? Here are 5 habits of super fit people that will show you what type of mentality is needed for leading a healthy life.


Having Fun

If exercising feels like something you have to do, then don’t expect to have a lot of motivation to work out in the long run. People who are successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle always find a way to feel enjoyment and fun when they’re working out or following a diet.

Learning to cook new foods and having friends over to try your meals or exercising with someone close to you is always a great idea, as it will make you look forward to leading a healthy life. Ideally, you should be constantly experimenting and trying new things to stay fit.


Setting Goals

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, setting goals will definitely keep you motivated. However, when it comes to fitness, it’s best to have humble goals. This way, you won’t have to wait an insanely long period of time before reaching them.

This means that you will feel good about yourself sooner, which will without a doubt help you stay motivated to reach your next goal. However, if you constantly need motivation to keep exercising and eating healthy, it might be a good idea to also have a big long-term goal in the back of your mind as well.


Realistic Expectations

You’ve started working out and eating healthy, and you’ve kept up this routine for about three weeks. Great. However, you’re not really seeing any significant changes in your appearance. Well, the thing is that you aren’t really supposed to see any major differences yet.

Just because you’ve managed to find the motivation to start leading a healthier life doesn’t mean that you will instantly reap the benefits.

In order to stay motivated, you will need to have realistic expectations. It won’t take you only 2 months to have the perfect beach body.

It might even take you 2 years or longer, but the important thing is to keep working out. As soon as you stop being obsessed with time, you will start noticing changes in your appearance.


Eating In Moderation

Just because you’ve started eating healthy doesn’t mean that you will never taste junk food again. The only important thing you need to remember is not to overeat. Grabbing a piece of cake at a birthday party is totally fine.

Completely restricting yourself of unhealthy foods will only make your eating habits more unstable. Soon enough, you will start wanting to open up a bag of chips so bad that you’ll overeat the minute you do it.

That’s why it’s important to master moderation, and enjoy your favourites but in small amounts and only on occasion. Deprivation hardly ever works, and those are fit and healthy understand this. They do not feel guilty when they take a couple of bites of cake because they no it will not impact their overall wellbeing and they are in control.


Pushing Yourself

Fit people don’t just hit the gym regularly; they make sure that every workout they do is better than their last. They do this because that’s the only way that they will see real results. Also, whenever you exercise at a high intensity level, you will instantly get that feeling of accomplishment as soon as you’re done with the workout, which will make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to continue exercising.


Final Thoughts

Take the time to evaluate your habits and mind-set? Which pieces of the puzzle are you missing? When you fall in line with successful people, you too can enjoy the many benefits of fitness.


Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays

Seven Ways to Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays are knocking on the door and so are the numerous temptations to give up on your healthy habits. But that doesn’t mean you have to give into the temptations. With a little planning you can fully enjoy the holiday spirit without gaining a ton of weight.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Plan Ahead Of Time - Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Make sure you get rid of the “I don’t have time” excuse during the holidays. Your schedule will be full of holiday parties and family gatherings, so it is important to plan your workout routine ahead of the celebrations. When you plan a workout routine before the holidays start, you won’t have an excuse to skip a workout.

Do Your Workouts In The Morning

Do Your Workouts In The Morning - Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Training in the morning is a surprisingly effective way of staying fit during the holiday season. As the day progresses, your temptation to just relax and enjoy the tasty festive food will increase. Starting your morning with a healthy breakfast and a good workout will boost your energy and motivation levels and will decrease the craving for unhealthy meals.

Keep A Journal

Keep A Journal - Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Write down your daily activities and the food you consume every day during the holidays. The simple act of logging your daily menu and workout routine will make you more accountable. Seeing your achievements in your journal will urge you to keep up the good work.

Drink Enough Water

Drink Enough Water - Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Staying hydrated is the key to preserving your good shape during the Christmas celebrations. Drinking enough water is essential to keeping your energy levels high. Plus, you will quench your thirst and feel fuller and will be less likely to overeat or drink excessive amounts of soda.

Have The Party At Your Home


Have The Party At Your Home - Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Hosting a party in your home will give you control over the meals and the ingredients used in preparation.

Cooking meals for friends during Christmas can be a bit of a challenge but if you’re adamant about staying fit, that’s one great way to exercise nutritional control. Stick to the ingredients you feel comfortable with and come up with a modern, healthy and enjoyable Christmas meal.

Work Out With Friends

Work Out With Friends - Stay Fit During the Christmas Holidays - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Holidays are a time when you gather to celebrate with your loved ones. So, it is natural for you to prefer the company of your family and friends to the hours spend in the gym. But who says workouts have to be a solitary activity?

You can gather your friends for a fun group workout or make a joyful family event. There are so many opportunities to stay fit while enjoying yourself: you can play a snowball game with the kids, organize a family soccer game or ice skate with your friends. You can also take a long walk outside as well.


Everything In Moderation

Overeating during the holidays is a sure way to lose your energy and good mood. You should eat in moderation to stay joyful and party ready throughout the season. And remember that liquid calories also count so don’t overdo the sweet alcoholic beverages and soda drinks.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

9 Weight Loss Motivation Tips


Weight loss is a goal so many of us set ourselves, and unfortunately, so many of us struggle with this. There is no quick fix to losing weight and many fad diets are available that promise instant results.

However, we all really know that the only way to lose weight is through dedication and hard work. However, it can be hard to find the time to fit exercise, meal planning, and the general organizing that losing weight requires.

It is particularly hard to stay motivated when there are so many competing demands on our time – work, children, family, socialising, and occasionally having a rest.

Despite this, motivation is key to losing weight and somehow we all need to find a way to keep those motivation levels up. Here are some top motivation tips to keep you on track to losing weight.


Be Realistic

Be realistic - Weight Loss Motivation Tips - Nottingham Personal Trainer

If you are new to exercise there is no point trying to run a marathon in the first week, it simply won’t happen. You need to be realistic about what you are able to achieve, particularly in the beginning. Even small improvements should be seen as an achievement and recognized as such.

However, you also have to be realistic and accept that you are not going to want to exercise every day. If you find your motivation and enthusiasm or you are aching or sore from exercise, you need to take a break. You need to be realistic and accept there will be natural waves in motivation and not give yourself a hard time when it is low.


Be Sociable

Be Sociable - Weight Loss Motivation Tips - Nottingham Personal Trainer

So much research suggests that exercise and weight loss is much easier when you are not doing it alone. By working out in a group, or keeping food diaries with a friend, you will find motivation is much easier to come by.

You can help motivate each other, and it can force you to go even when you don’t want to because you won’t want to let the other person down.


Eat Sensibly

Eat sensibly - Weight Loss Motivation Tips - Nottingham Personal Trainer

We all know that a healthy diet is the key to weight loss. However, it also has a huge impact on motivation levels. If you are eating a large amount of heavy, stodgy food, you will feel sluggish and unmotivated.

The key to maintaining motivation is to eat sensibly; you will not only feel more motivated because you will lose weight, but you will also feel more energized.


Get Enough Sleep

Get enough sleep - Weight Loss Motivation Tips - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Exercise is the same as anything else – it is much harder to do if you have not had enough sleep. Whether it is work, exercise, or being sociable, it is much more effort on no sleep. Weight loss is also aided by a good night sleep so it is important that you get a decent night’s sleep.


Set Yourself Small Goals to Aim For

Setting yourself small goals instead of one large end goal will be much better for your motivation. By achieving small goals along the way, you will feel much better about these achievements. This will inspire you and motivate you to keep going with the weight loss plan and exercise.


Be Motivated In Other Areas Of Your Life

Achieving and being motivated in other areas of your life will spill over into your exercise and weight loss program. It is much easier to continue to keep going throughout the day rather than stop and start.

By being motivated in other areas, even as simple as cleaning the house regularly, you will find yourself much more able to stick to your weight loss goals.


Pick An Item Of Clothing To Aim For

Pick an item of clothing to aim for - Weight Loss Motivation Tips - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Whether it is the jeans or a dress that you want to fit into again, this will work much better as a reminder of why you need to stay motivated. This is something realistic, achievable, and it means something to you.


Imagine The Worst Case Scenario

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t exercise or lose weight – would you want to look like that and be that unhealthy? This can be a much stronger incentive and motivator than imaging what you would look like if you do work out.


Focus On The Reasons

Focus on the reasons - Weight Loss Motivation Tips - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Why are you trying to lose weight? It is to look better, to be healthier or some other reason? You need to focus on the reason why you are doing this in the first place, as it will be a constant reminder of why you need to stay motivated.

Tips for Making Profound And Lasting Habit Changes Towards The Goal Of Permanent Weight Loss

5 Tips for Making Profound And Lasting Habit Changes Towards The Goal Of Permanent Weight Loss

Astonishingly, “How Do I Lose Weight” is entered into Google 110,000 times every month!
The results that show up are usually absurd ‘tips’ or even worse, advertisements camouflaged as ‘helpful’ articles designed to take your money.
These monthly searches really reflect the state of affairs in weight loss, as thousands of people just cannot seem to find the magic pill.
And do you know why?
Because it doesn’t exist!

This no-nonsense article will provide you with 5 simple and effective tips you can easily ingrate into your life to help you make habit changes, get inspired and to start losing weight and keep it off for good.

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself - Tips for Making Profound And Lasting Habit Changes - Nottingham Personal Trainer

The first and most important step of weight loss is telling yourself that you can do this! Once you have made that decision to be 100% committed, you will find that you are stronger than any excuse. The brain is the hardest muscle to train but if you get up every morning telling yourself “you can do this”, you will guarantee success and rev up your results in a way that no trainer or nutritionist can.


Do What You Love

The key reason most people don’t exercise is that they despise it. The key to weight loss is to find something you enjoy doing that elevates your heart rate for at least 30 minutes. You don’t have to buy expensive exercise gear from late night TV or start running half marathons. Consider the activities you enjoy, or something you’ve always wanted to try, and get out there and do it!
Some suggestions are a boxing class, kayaking, mountain biking, dance class, anything! If you hate your workout, you will always make an excuse to skip it. Find an exercise you enjoy and you’ll never have to work out another day in your life!


Be Real

Be Real - Tips for Making Profound And Lasting Habit Changes - Nottingham Personal Trainer

You may have had to endure comments about your weight before from jerks you don’t know, maybe even jerks you do know. However, I promise you, nobody is going to be harder on you than you are on yourself.
Losing weight is not a short-term gig. You want to make habit changes, learn to love yourself again and accept that this is going to be a gradual and continuous process. It’s ok to have off days, off weeks, off months. Keep motivating yourself and accept that quality of life matters and you will easily succeed in your weight loss goals.


Don’t Eat Less, Eat Right

I can see you rolling your eyes at me. Seems painful right? Well it doesn’t have to be painful at all. Similar to finding exercises that you enjoy, the trick here is to reward yourself with foods that you love eating.
The best way to get started is to replace any calorie dense foods with nutrient dense foods instead.
I’ll give you one example. A 100g serving of spaghetti  contains around 157 calories, but a 100g serving of courgette (zucchini) noodles only contains 20 calories.
Starting to consider what you are eating and finding less calorie dense alternatives will make a huge difference!


Stay Focused and Regret Nothing

Stay Focused and Regret Nothing - Tips for Making Profound And Lasting Habit Changes - Nottingham Personal Trainer

So you’ve read the article, found your inner fire, and decided to take the first step.

However, the last piece of advice for you is very important. You have to be consistent.

Not every day is going to be a great day, and of course, you will encounter the occasional hiccup when it comes to your nutrition and exercise plan. Everybody does.
However, what’s important is that you recognize this and accept it. If you stay committed to your goal, you WILL lose weight.

If you follow these 5 tips, you will go a long way towards making profound and lasting changes towards your goal of permanent weight loss.
You don’t need to doom yourself to subpar results! As you can see, it is possible to drop weight without being a slave to the scale and starving yourself. Follow these tips and your chance of success will skyrocket!

Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good

8 Things You Must Do To Lose Weight For Good

When it comes to things you should do to lose weight, the list can stretch across the continent and back. Indeed, many are good suggestions; however, many will not work simply because they do not focus on cultivating the habits necessary for long-term weight loss.

Considering the cabbage soup diet? Sure, it will work for a few days. Maybe you will lose a pound or even 5, but you cannot follow it forever, and you will likely regain the weight you lost and more after going to back to eating as usual.

To achieve true long-term weight loss, invest your time and effort into learning and mastering the basics, because a strong foundation paves the way to success.


Clean The Junk Out Of Your Cupboards

Clean The Junk Out Of Your Cupboards - Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Hungry? That box of breakfast cereal looks delicious doesn’t it? That’s the kind of temptation you will have to deal with every single day when hunger strikes.

The proven simplest way to combat it?

Get rid of all the junk. Anything processed, laden with sugar and unhealthy fats need to be removed. Listen, we know things are expensive, so if dumping hurts finish them off or give them away and then do not buy them again.

Stock your refrigerator with:

  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Eggs
  • Lean Meats

Don’t forget to ditch the soda. Soda is the single most harmful “food” we routinely use.


Learn Healthy Foods

Learn Healthy Foods - Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Take the time to learn what foods are healthy or else you will not be able to implement or sustain healthy habits.


Educate Yourself- Learn Your Caloric Needs

Educate Yourself- Learn Your Caloric Needs - Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Your caloric needs are likely different from the other people living in your home. In fact, if your roomie is a super athlete, they will need more calories, since their body requires extra fuel.

Activity level, age and your body weight all determine your caloric needs, surpassing which leads to weight gain. Use any of the numerous online calorie calculators to assess your needs. Try My Fitness pal.


The way to lose weight? The opposite. Create a deficit of calories, about 500 calories less than your daily requirement is advised. Do not restrict too much, too fast, or your body enters a “stingy” mode, hoarding calories as if your life depends on it- this is known as starvation mode.


Realize What Motivates You

Realize What Motivates You - Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good - Nottingham Personal Trainer

We all need that one thing that motivates us enough, and gives us tunnel vision to accomplish it.

Motivators to lose weight can be many things, ranging from that sexy guy/gal getting your eye, disease prevention, more energy, staying alive for your kids, or aspirations to look like a role model.

Whatever your motivation is, it needs to be strong enough so that every time you are reminded of it, you get a psychological kick to get in the work.


Revamp Your Diet

Revamp Your Diet - Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good - Nottingham Personal Trainer

More than likely, your current diet is crap. Starting today, you need to ignore “conventional” wisdom, (the food pyramid) and forge the way proven to give results.

Make the “base” of your diet vegetables. Different types, all colours and lots of them. Not only are they ridiculously healthy, but you can stuff them to satisfaction and hardly dent your caloric intake for the day. You can’t do that with any other food group.

Of secondary importance are protein rich foods (meat, poultry, and fish). If you’re a vegetarian, you will have to make do with protein rich plant sources, but saturated animal fats are not bad when consumed in the absence of carbs.

To top it off, are fruits, then grains, and non fat dairy in moderation.


Learn About Portion Control

Learn About Portion Control

Nobody likes to be restricted, especially when it comes to food. In fact, second to eating the wrong things, overeating is the next most significant contributor to obesity.

For sustainable weight loss, you need to eat measured portions. You will not starve if you break up your meals into smaller portions and eat more often throughout the day but you will kick-start your metabolism. Your body will thank you by feeling like it has a V8 engine.


Learn and practice moderation

Moderation eludes many people, but it is essential for sustainable weight loss. It means one bite of cake versus 2 slices, it means indulging in “bad foods” on occasion instead of every day. Moderation is much more of a compromise and not a sacrifice.


Set profound diet and lifestyle habit changes

Set profound diet and lifestyle habit changes - Things To Do To Lose Weight For Good - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Consider making habit changes your goal instead of weight loss. Become mindful of what you are eating every day, and start by making small changes in your habits. Substitute healthy options for traditional dessert, order burgers lettuce wrapped instead of with the bun, eat real whole food for at least 2 of your meals daily, and stop drinking soda the list can go on and on.

If you usually spend more days of the week on the couch, get moving! Exercise makes you lose weight faster, besides all its other benefits.



If you are feeling overwhelmed with the flurry of tips and trick out there to lose weight, just stick to these 5. Try it for 12 weeks, with nothing else. After that, you will have made inroads to your waist, and then you will be convinced of its efficacy. To your weight loss!



Ways To Avoid Boredom When Losing Weight

7 Ways To Avoid Boredom When Losing Weight

Losing weight is an important part of many people’s lives, and equally, many people find this difficult. It is true that unfortunately, many things that are enjoyable or interesting are not good for you. Fast food, takeaways and lazing around in front of the TV for many people are preferable  to exercise, but they do not help with weight loss.

Weight loss involves effort, making lasting habit changes with a sensible and healthy diet and plenty of exercise. This can be hard to maintain, especially for those who are new to attempting weight loss. However, there are many different things that you can do to make the workouts and healthy eating much more enjoyable.


Mix it up

As with anything else in life, doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. Exercise and healthy eating are no different to anything else. One way to avoid boredom is to vary your diet, including meals and snacks.
There are many different healthy eating options and success involves eating a variety. Equally, mix up your workouts and try different exercises. Not only will this keep it interesting, but also it will help to tone up different parts of your body and challenge the body to avoid plateaus.


Add more seasoning and herbs to your diet

Herbs and seasonings can make a huge difference to your diet. A simple piece of chicken can be transformed into pesto chicken, curry chicken or jerk chicken, just with some herbs and spices. By the time you add some vegetables in different quantities and variations, you soon have a whole range of different meals. Even simple vegetables like spinach can be spiced up and transformed, for example by adding garlic, a little butter, and lemon juice.


Change your meals around

Change your meals around! Who says you need to eat breakfast in the morning, why not have it for dinner? In addition, healthy eating does not mean that you have to eat chicken breasts and broccoli 7 days a week. There are a huge variety of delicious healthy meats, vegetables and fruits, more than enough to create unique meals every day of the week. As long as your daily totals do not exceed your target for weight loss, it will make little difference how you arrange it throughout the day.


Go out to restaurants

It might sound completely against the way to lose weight, but going out to restaurants can actually help you stay motivated and avoid the boredom. The key to this is to find a restaurant that can cater to your dietary needs. In recent years restaurants have become very good at catering to all needs; many dishes can be served without the calorific dressings or sides. This way, you can enjoy a night out and still stick to the healthy eating.


Save some calories during the week to be used on the weekends

Being sociable often includes going out on the weekends and this can be hard when you are trying to lose weight. One option to address this is to eat super healthy in the week and save those additional calories for the weekend. That way, you can still enjoy a glass of wine with friends, knowing that you will not have exceeded your calorie total for the week.


Review your goals

Every now and again, it is worth reviewing your goals and your reasons for wanting to lose weight. It can serve as a helpful reminder to keep you on track and provide some extra motivation for when you are struggling. Sometimes it might not be enough, just to remind yourself, but when used in conjunction with another option, it can give you the boost you really need.


Prepare meals in advance

We all have those days when we really can’t be bothered and are bored with eating sensibly. It is helpful to have a range of meals in the freezer that you have made in advance. It is possible to make healthy versions of your favourite takeaways so when you are having a bad day or are bored with eating sensibly, you can enjoy some comfort food and not feel bad.
Equally, there are days when we are working long hours, busy with families and many other reasons why we don’t have time to cook. Having meals in the freezer saves time and means you eat sensibly even when you are short on time.

Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

10 Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

We all know that an unhealthy relationship leaves you feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. No matter how hard you try to make it work, there is no way to get past the fact that the relationship is sapping your emotional health.

The relationship you have with food can be detrimental to your health and weight loss when it is an unhealthy one.

Here are ten signs that you may have an unhealthy relationship with food

You Think About Food All The Time:

When you have access to food when you are hungry, there is no reason for thoughts of food to consume your mind and interfere with your life. Constant thoughts about food are a sign that you may be denying yourself nutrients your body needs


You Prefer To Eat In Private:

If you can’t handle eating with people without feeling self-conscious, or obsessing over what your options may be at a restaurant or party, chances are your food relationship isn’t healthy.


You Suffer From Food Guilt:

There is no reason you should spend hours beating yourself up for having a second slice of cake or eating an extra breadstick. If you are spending more time mentally beating yourself up for eating something than you spent enjoying it, you are suffering from food guilt.


You Deny Yourself The Foods You Crave:

A healthy relationship with foods means that you know what you want as well as what you need in your diet. It also means that you accommodate both your wants and your needs. Often cravings are our body’s way of telling us we are lacking something in our diets.


You Cut Out Entire Food Groups:

Healthy eating is all about balance. Rigid perfectionism in your diet is a precursor for disordered eating and a definite warning sign to an unhealthy relationship with food.


You Eat The Same Foods All The Time:

Trying new foods isn’t something that that should cause you anxiety unless you have a severe food allergy causing the anxiety. If the idea of trying a new food causes fears and anxiety to surface, you could have bigger problems to deal with.


Your Emotions Control Your Eating Habits:

If you eat to procrastinate, to entertain yourself, to reward yourself, or to console yourself, you are allowing your emotions to control your eating habits. This means that you aren’t listening to your body about what its needs are.


You Are Controlled By Food Rules:

There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow in order to lose, maintain, or gain weight. If your mind is more concerned with following unnecessary rules when it comes to food instead of listening to your body, chances are, you need to evaluate your relationship with food.


You Punish Yourself For Breaking Your Food Rules:

Choosing to eat a salad for lunch because you know you are going out for pizza for dinner is called balance. Going on a week-long juice cleanse because you ate three slices instead of two is a sign that you need to evaluate your relationship with food.


You Have No Self-Control When It Comes To Food:

A couple signs that you have no self-control when it comes to food are when you can’t have certain foods in the house without eating them, or you find yourself eating a full bag of chips without realizing it until afterward. A lack of self-control regarding food is a definite sign you need some help with your relationship relating to food.


If you have identified that your relationship with food is unhealthy, you might be wondering what the next steps are. If you find that your negative relationship with food is affecting your quality of life, then it might be time to consider talking to a therapist or a doctor and working through why you have the relationship with food that you do.

Mindset Hacks

Mindset Hacks

How motivated are you to exercise? How happy are you? These next mindset hacks can help.

Don’t Join A Gym

Don’t Join A Gym - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

If the gym isn’t a fun or happy place to be, save your money. In fact, pay yourself every time you exercise at home or outside.


Join A Really Nice Gym

Join A Really Nice Gym - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Consider going all in and joining a gym that feels luxurious and offers an abundance of amenities. If you want to live there, chances are you’ll exercise a lot – you may never want to leave.


Get Friends To Join You

Get Friends To Join You - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Gather people that you love and enjoy being with and form a group. Exercise together. Set health and nutrition goals together and support one another to succeed.


Make it Fun

Make it Fun - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Find activities that you enjoy doing. If you love playing tennis then play. If you like to dance, then dance. Climb trees, roller skate, play football, lift weights, run and bike. When exercise is fun, you won’t skip a workout.


Journal to Reduce Stress

Journal to Reduce Stress - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Write down your thoughts at the beginning of the day. Do it over your cup of morning coffee. Research supports the idea that writing down your thoughts at the beginning of the day can reduce daily stress.



Meditate - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Meditation reduces stress and increases happiness. You don’t have to meditate for hours to reap the benefits. Start with just a few minutes each day. There are apps, podcasts, and online tools that you can use to help you establish a practice.


Take a Warm Shower or Bath Before Bed

Take a Warm Shower or Bath Before Bed - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Want to establish a relaxing routine so you sleep better? Take a warm bath. It reduces your heart rate and calms your mind and body so you’re able to ease into sleep.


Spend Time In Nature

Spend Time In Nature - Mindset Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Fifteen to twenty minutes of sun each day helps your body produce Vitamin D. It also improves mood and reduces stress. Get outside every day, even if it’s just for a short walk. It makes a difference.

Fitness Technology Hacks

Fitness Technology Hacks

Fitness technology is amazing, there are apps, devices, and services that can help you get the most from your health and fitness efforts. From fitness devices to sleep monitors, leverage technology with the following hacks.


Get a Pedometer

Get a Pedometer - Fitness Technology Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Studies have shown that wearing a pedometer can motivate you to walk more than 25 percent extra. Ten Thousand steps equals about 5 miles. You’re able to take action each day to walk more and get in better shape. There are some amazing pedometers available that are highly accurate, comfortable to wear and can even measure your movement intensity.


Listen While You Work Out

Listen While You Work Out - Fitness Technology Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Music is great. However, if you’re going to be exercising for a while (perhaps you’re training for a marathon), consider listening to audio books or podcasts. You can listen to them on MP3 players or on your smart phone. There are audio book programs you can join, like Audible.com. You can also subscribe to podcasts on iTunes.


Access Online Coaching

Access Online Coaching - Fitness Technology Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Use apps and services like Fitocracy.com to get customized nutrition and workouts. You start with a personal assessment and motivation tips from your coaches and it’s all done online and through the mobile app.


Find the Beat

Find the Beat - Fitness Technology Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

There are applications such as Jog.fm that can play music from your library to match your pace. Right now it’s only available for the iOS operating system.


Track Your Workouts

Track Your Workouts - Fitness Technology Hacks - Nottingham Personal Trainer

Use mobile apps and online services to track your nutrition, your workouts, your running routes and more. Connect with other health and fitness enthusiasts to support one another. The fitness community can be very motivating and it will hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. You can track both your workouts and nutrition with My Fitness Pal.