Testimonials from past and present clients and other fitness professionals*


‘Like most people, I have always felt happier in myself when I feel and look good in my clothes. However, in the past, I have had an unstable relationship with how best to achieve this. Previously, I have lost and gained weight unhealthily, and after gaining weight during my university finals (and the partying that inevitably followed), I started to feel very unhappy in my appearance again. At the beginning of September, the family and me were all keen to start a healthy lifestyle change and recognised that exercise needed to be a big part of this. This led my Dad to find a personal trainer and Alex sounded like a perfect fit. Our main criteria was finding a personal trainer who could help us achieve realistic goals within a healthy routine, who also incorporated a balanced approach to dieting (my family value their nice food and wine to pack in the treats altogether). Personally, I wanted to lose the weight I had gained over summer, but most of all, I wanted to feel healthier and stronger in myself again. With Alex’s help, I lost 8 pounds and my muscles started to look significantly more toned. Alex’s realistic approach to weight loss and exercise has allowed me to continue to lose weight and tone up, even since our sessions have ended. I have lost a stone in total since my first session with Alex, but more importantly, Alex has helped me incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into my daily routine, and I now feel 100 times better for it!’

Rhian Marie Leese


Katy before and after

‘I have been training with Alex twice per week for just over 5 months now and I have been really impressed with his training and delighted with the results I have achieved – I’ve lost 18 lbs and 19 inches, plus seen a huge improvement in my strength and general fitness.

I would highly recommend Alex as a trainer; he’s motivating, very knowledgeable and knows how to push you to achieve your goals.

He has also achieved the impossible – he’s made it possible for me to enjoy going to gym! I’m now happy with my weight and shape but I certainly intend to continue working with Alex towards new goals – including dead lifting my own bodyweight!’

Dr Katy Enfield, Microbiologist.


‘Over the years I’ve made various attempts to lose weight and get in shape; I’ve had gym memberships and felt so self-conscious I never went, I’ve tried diets but struggled to stick to them and even exercise classes didn’t work because of my shifts at work.  In short, I haven’t had much success.  Despite this I kept trying because feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is never a good place to be and I really wanted to turn things around but just didn’t know how.

Post-Christmas I made the usual resolution to get in shape and finally lose the excess pounds, so I decided to look for a personal trainer; particularly I wanted to find someone who could help me exercise without exacerbating my pre-existing back issues.  I knew from our first session that Alex would be able to help: after more than 20 years as a personal trainer his depth and breadth of knowledge really shone through, patiently taking me through a range of exercises designed to help me meet my goals as well as encouraging me to be more mindful about my diet.  Though I’ve always had a fairly healthy diet and know what I should be eating, portion control is not my strong suit and my innate love of food has been an issue in the past. That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy my food and the odd indulgence but now I know how to balance out those treats.

Since working with Alex I’ve come to really enjoy exercising and have not only lost weight and toned up but finally feel I’ve taken control of my fitness and stopped yo-yoing. The sessions with Alex always push me but success breeds success and seeing the inches come off as well as the constant variety of exercises keeps me motivated and if I even think about slacking Alex is always there to help me get the best out of our sessions. There have been days where I’ve had some back ache from too many hours sat studying and whilst Alex is mindful of that he still ensures I get a full workout and I always feel better for sticking with our sessions.

I can’t rate Alex highly enough, whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fit or train for a specific event he really knows his stuff and has the skills to help you get there faster than you thought possible.’

Ellie Schefel, Nurse Practitioner


Dan before and after. Nottinggham Personal Trainer.

‘I have always struggled to get weight off and keep it off in the past; despite trying to eat right and exercise regularly, I lacked any real guidance. I’ve been training with Alex for 8 months and have so far lost over 10kg in weight, as well as increasing my lean muscle mass. I feel stronger and healthier and have a lot more energy than I ever have before!

Alex has been extremely supportive and tailors sessions to help me achieve my goals, he is also extremely knowledgeable about training and nutrition and can always answer questions, or point you in the right direction!

Most importantly, the work I have done with Alex has always been enjoyable and (despite occassionally being convinced he’s trying to give me a heart attack) I always look forward to the next session and the benefits I know it brings! I cannot recommend Alex highly enough.’

Dr Dan Thurston, NHS Doctor.



I started my 4 week training with Alex at the beginning of May, I had been working out since the start of the year and had lost a few kg’s but I couldn’t get past a certain weight. I was heading off to America to be a lifeguard for 3 months so I wanted to look my best, as I would be in a swimsuit everyday. My main goals were to lower my body fat percentage, focusing on my arms (triceps), my abs, and to achieve as much definition all over as I could.


Alex gave me a strict workout plan that consisted of weights for 3 days and cardio for 3 days, alternating throughout the week. He talked me through every exercise to help me on days when he wouldn’t be there. As well as working out, I had to write down my food intake for the whole 4 weeks, he would then monitor this regularly to make sure that I was eating the right foods.


We took my measurements, weight and body fat percentage at the beginning and the end. Throughout the 4 weeks I had a university deadline and missed quite a few days, however I am incredibly pleased with my outcome. With his help I managed to lose 2kg and 2% body fat that I thought I could not get rid of. I lost a lot of fat from my triceps which was my main goal, I also lost a total of 9 inches from my: biceps, chest, waist, hips thighs and calfs. This really surprised me as I thought I hadn’t lost anything!


I do feel different after the 4 weeks, I feel happier within myself, I am stronger physically and I have also built muscle. Prior to doing all of this I could not get past my 65kg plateau, which I had struggled with for a few months. I have managed to break through this and I now feel that my personal goals are within reach. I aim to continue with my training and strive to achieve my personal goals over the next few months.


Alex is a very knowledgeable man who is incredibly friendly and approachable!! It was a pleasure to work with him for 4 weeks and I cannot thank him enough. I know that as soon as I come back from America I will be asking for his help again! 

Kaz Hill, NTU Student

  Kelly Hotten ‘I had a one off session with Alex at ‘The Gym’ whilst I was working at the Theatre Royal for a week, mid tour. I’m so glad I did. I’m an actor so I like to keep my fitness up, feel strong, grounded and balanced so I run and train at the gym regularly.

We covered so much in one session, Alex used a special app to record my running from all angles and we solved some issues I was having with my technique. I’ve still got a long way to go, but Alex showed me where to begin with some specific stretches to release certain areas of my body that were causing an inbalance and some strain. Brilliant. He also worked with me on my rowing technique. I’m so grateful for that, I can really push myself with that now that I feel confident with my technique.

He then introduced me to TRX training, he challenged me but also made me feel safe to be brave. I loved it and am now continuing with it on tour with a cast mate who is a very experienced TRX trainer.

I realised I’d been in a bit of a rut with my routine and had taken certain things for granted. He showed me many other exercises that meant I could use my whole body whilst exercising using fluid movements and using my whole body which I prefer over repetitive work on just one muscle group.

I spent the rest of the day and the day after on such a high after him showing me new ways to challenge myself and improve on what I was already doing.

Alex was so easy to work with. He challenged me without being pushy or intimidating, and then made the effort to pass on a website where I can find some TRX exercises and advice to continuing with my training.

Alex went above and beyond. I wish I could take him on tour with me!

Also, I hear because of our session, lots of other people from the Theatre Royal are going to be visiting ‘The Gym’ too.’

Kelly Hotten, Actor, Dial ‘M’ for Murder, Nottingham Theatre Royal, April 2014.


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Having worked with Alex throughout much of my weight loss journey, I can thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer. He is friendly and completely non judgemental, he has helped me to focus and achieve my goals with his encouraging and motivating manner.

I weighed approximately 22 stones when I began my weight loss and I decided upon Alex as a personal trainer after searching for others locally. I now weigh a little over 13 Stones and this has been achieved in about a year. My waist size has dropped from almost 50 inches to 32 inches.

Working with Alex has helped me turn my life around completely, I have more confidence and I am less prone to the depression that I suffered before. I am pushing myself much further than I would have ever thought, and my fitness is better than ever.

Alex encouraged me to keep a food diary and every week we went through nutrition and diet tips. My diet has improved and with his regular recipes online my meals are never boring. I have the knowledge to make sensible choices that will keep me full for longer with less cravings for sugar.

I am so happy with the results, gradually seeing my body shape change.  I never feel like the workouts are rushed either, Alex doesn’t constantly watch the clock and more than often we run over the session. I enjoy the workouts and look forward to the buzz I get, knowing that I have achieved something so positive.

Alex is a great personal trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve the way they look and feel.

Wayne Fullwood, Musician


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‘I was keen to mix up my training regime and tried two personal trainers – Alex being one of them. The reason I opted for Alex was because he focuses on functional movement and building strength in weak parts of the body. This appealed to me because, whilst I am relatively fit, I have back problems due to work and wanted to build my core strength without just doing 100 planks, for example. I was also getting married and wanted to make sure I looked my best on the big day and – lets face it – there’s no getting out of exercising when you have a personal trainer standing over you!

I have trained with Alex for about a year now and am thoroughly pleased with the results. I feel much stronger and was surprised at how my running pace had improved by concentrating on speed work and building strength through a number of techniques.

Alex really knows his stuff and adapts the session based on your goals. Whilst my wedding is a distant memory now – Alex is definitely a permanent fixture in my training regime – so as much as he probably wants to get rid of me – he won’t!

I would thoroughly recommend Alex as a personal trainer – although – beware of his jokes – they are rubbish! :-)’

Jude Cummings, Associate Solicitor. Browne Jacobson.


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After a period of steady weight loss I found that I’d hit a brick wall. I felt that I needed a kick-start not only with the food I was consuming but also in regards to my fitness. That’s when I started working with Alex. The fitness regime included a variety of cardio-workouts and weights to build body strength and co-ordination.

I was also encouraged to keep a food diary to monitor what might be causing weight gain or potential future health issues, which is important when working towards a healthy lifestyle.

During my time working with Alex I found that my fitness improved dramatically. I started losing the weight again and saw my body shape change. To date I have lost 4 inches from my waist and another 4 inches from my hips as well as inches from my thighs and arms. I’m finally able to go out and buy clothes that show my arms and can now wear fitted jeans–which a year ago, I would never have thought possible.

Having a personal trainer helps you to keep focused and Alex is friendly and always makes you feel comfortable about exercising, even if you’ve never been to a gym before.

Amanda Fullwood, MA Student


‘I’ve moved around the UK a fair bit and got through a number of trainers over the years so I knew what I was looking for when I contacted Alex. I wanted someone who had a good grounding in sports/physiology, functional movement and how to train around historical injuries.

I’ve been training with Alex for 18 months and he has helped me ‘limber up’ with dynamic stretching and other exercises to sort out stiffness in my hips and feet. That has helped me move better when I’m running. I don’t think I’d have been in as good a physical state to take up regular running outdoors without that help. In the gym I’ve enjoyed increasing strength training with free-weights and using the ‘VIPR’ and TRX (body weight etc) exercises. I’ve found these help with functional movement and keep my training fresh.

Alex is good fun to train with, reliable in turning up on time and you get your money’s worth from a fully-packed and exhausting hour! I find all that helps me keep motivated and my sessions with Alex have been an important lynch-pin for my health-routine over the last 18 months – helping me to change my body shape; lose over 2 stone and get fitter and stronger.

I’d highly recommend him.’

Jet Shergill, Barrister


‘I have always been aware and interested in fitness and nutrition but I find it very hard to stay motivated whilst at uni. I never liked the thought of going to a class at the gym on my own but when my friend got a membership we both went to the stability ball class together and this is how we met Alex. The class was great and really challenging and as our strength improved we wanted to push our bodies further.

We had some personal training sessions with Alex which involved mainly weight training which was something I had always wanted to do. The results are quick and visible and Alex has shown me that getting toned does not require hours of cardio.

I would recommend Alex to anyone as he is full of knowledge and advice. I had a lot of pain in my leg and foot which he helped to correct! He is also full of laughs and makes you feel at ease whilst still pushing you to your limits.’

Judith Keys, NTU Student


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‘Alex is a competent and knowledgeable trainer, very approachable, and provides lots of encouragement without being over bearing.

I organised a block booking with Alex five weeks prior to my holiday and was slightly apprehensive for results as I do train regularly and have had numerous PT’s before. Alex provided an incredible amount of nutritional support and helped me understand food in a way I have never done before. That, combined with fun, varied and challenging work outs twice a week enabled me to reach my goals of toning up those hard to reach areas.

I lost a total of 8.75 inches, which in five weeks is incredible. I felt amazing & ready for my holiday – all my wobbly bits had disappeared and I had toned up the whole of my body!

I would firmly recommend Alex to friends and family.’

Emma Garton, PA.


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‘I decided I needed a personal trainer as I had been a runner before but had been diagnosed with MS and had, had to stop running for a while. Once I had gotten better I found it hard to get back into the swing of exercise and didn’t have the same enthusiasm, as I had gained quite a bit of weight. I wanted to lose weight and tone up as I had a holiday booked and wanted to wear a bikini for it and I didn’t want to feel self conscious about my body anymore.

I found Alex on Google and saw that he did personal training sessions through ‘The gym’ which was really good value and had good restrictions on the contract you would have to take out to go there. Reading through peoples testimonials about Alex you could see that he got good results and seemed to get on with them, through how they spoke about him. I decided to contact him and I spoke to Alex initially through email and over the phone, he was polite and thorough with his questions about how fit I was, what I had done in the past and also knew some information about MS. Alex didn’t pressure me to join ‘The gym’ but suggested it would be a good idea to rather than getting a day pass as it was so cheap and would help me do sessions on my own which would help my fitness.

When I first meet him he was friendly and we talked more about things like diet, supplements and what sort of results I wanted from him. It was very helpful and informative as Alex sent me information about how changing my diet could help towards my MS and the diet wasn’t as restrictive as others I had been given in the past. Also his philosophy of being good 80% of the time and having fun with the other 20% also meant I could have cheat moments which has helped me stick to the diet and training.

Doing the actually training has been good fun as Alex has given me a mixture of exercises I can do myself while also pushing me to work harder when I have sessions with him, I have joked in the past that these sessions are working as afterwards I always hate him a little bit and the pain lasts for a couple of days. He is also very encouraging and if he finds any new information for me he emails it to me.

We meet up once a week depending on our timetable, I have been seeing Alex now for two months give or take and with the diet and training sessions I have lost a stone and on our most recent session I was 10 stone 9 pounds. I am so happy with the results and I can’t wait to get into a bikini for the first time on my holiday as I have never had the confidence to do so before.

Meeting up with Alex has meant I’ve lost weight, toned up and lost about 13 inches from my body. I love the new me and am so thankful for the help and new lease of life.’

Nicola Gore, Retail Supervisor


‘I have known Alex for around 4 years now from day one he would always be wearing those blue T shirts! He is without a doubt a brilliant investment. His dedication to help you with your goals is beyond measure he has helped me with my running techniques from being zero runner to a treadmill lover. Weight training, circuits, power bags, kettlebells you name it, 2 days a week for the best part of a year bringing innovative and fresh ways to spice up a workout building on your strengths and weaknesses. Being low on the motivation scale you can guarantee he will be there to help you rise! Having had a personal trainer I have lost around 50lbs. His advice on diet and nutrition and workout plans have all played an important part to improving my confidence and overall health
I would advise anyone who is interested in hiring a trainer with a wealth of experience and qualifications to choose Alex. The passion and commitment he shows to help you achieve your goals is priceless.
There is no doubt that I would continue training with Alex soon, if not for a kick ass workout but for the crazy jokes and insane banter!’

Maddie Wilson


‘I met Alex at The Gym around three months ago when I first took his stability ball class (which I highly recommend!). After a few classes I decided to take some personal training sessions with him, I chose him above the other trainers because he is motivating and was committed to helping me achieve my goal. I wanted to tone up rather than lose weight and I only had a small time to achieve this as I would be going home for the summer. He started by measuring my body fat which I found really useful and then we began on weekly weight and core sessions accompanied by his class twice a week to reach my 20% body fat target. Alongside this he has also helped me with my long distance running technique in preparation for Race for Life in June.

So far, so good, I have noticed a massive improvement with my tone and general fitness, I wasn’t convinced when he assured me it gets easier with practise but it really does. ‘His jokes might be terrible but Alex is knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and this really shows, he is eager to help you help yourself and is patient and encouraging (he puts up with me even though I whine constantly) I will be sad to leave him over the summer but as soon as I’m back I will be continuing my sessions with him!’

Amy Burt, NTU Student


‘I approached Alex with specific training goals of weight loss and improvement in fitness. I trained with Alex for a 3 month period and made a significant improvement in both areas.
Alex combined cardio and weight training into the programme and made it fun and engaging. He also provided encouragement (boot up the arse when needed!) throughout the week. Alex’s sessions are demanding and he works you hard – you will find out what is meant by ‘p and q’ session!! My running times improved from 7.5 min per miles to sub 6 min mile. In terms of weight loss I dropped 9 lbs of body fat. My body fat at the end of the training programme was 19%. Result!’

Kate Rand, Housing Officer.


So pleased! I lost over 8 inches when ROKO just said it was down to my age. But importantly, it’s given me back my love of going to the gym. Alex is fun, knowledgeable and motivating. Thank you so much Alex.

Angie Cooper, Finance Manager


‘I have been exercising for over twenty years and have tried lots of different ideas and methods and have used personal trainers before. Despite that Alex’s method of movement analysis and use of functional and core based training showed me a method of training I had not only not considered but was not aware of. His techniques were highly effective and the workouts achieved the right balance between making you work hard but not pushing you too far as some trainers seem to.

I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone looking to improve their performance in a specific sport or just to increase their general mobility and health.’

Steve Cook, Police Officer

Steve has just recorded his first sub seven minute mile paced half marathon beating his previous PB by 2 minutes coming in in a time of 1:30:43. – Alex


‘At the age of 64 with one replacement hip and a knee that is falling apart, Alex took me on when perhaps he should have run a mile.  Alex has not let me off working hard during my training sessions and I feel so much better now.  My aim was to strengthen my muscles before possible knee surgery and I feel we have achieved that goal. Having exercised for most of my life, I know that Alex is very talented and extremely knowledgeable. He will get results for you and I thoroughly recommend him.’

Tricia Frewin, Financial Adviser – Retired


‘I decided to look for a personal trainer after spending years training on my own and not getting the results I wanted. I needed to lose weight, but the diets I tried only worked for a short period of time before I put the weight back on again. I have been training with Alex for 6 months now, his motivation, support and dietary advice have helped me to lose 2 stone and drop 2 dress sizes and lose 16 inches, including 3 inches off each thigh and 2 inches of each calf. I feel healthier, fitter and more confident. Alex’s training sessions are tailored to my personal needs, they are very challenging but also lots of fun, he pushes me harder than I ever have done on my own.

Alex is a fantastic personal trainer, I would highly recommend him.’

Annette Tansley, Teaching assistant.


Testimonials before and after pictures for Nottingham Personal Trainer

‘With a difficult 10 pounds to shift and a wedding dress to wear, I enlisted the help of Alex to help me achieve my weight and fitness goals. From the first session Alex shifted the emphasis from weight loss to fitness and not only did I achieve the toned shape and weight that I wanted to, I also managed to significantly improve my fitness and achieved results, particularly in running, that I never thought I was capable of. Regular sessions gave me the motivation I needed to train hard and I completed an Olympic distance Triathlon and ran my fastest 10 mile race by far. I couldn’t believe it when I came in the top third of the ladies with the club runners – I never thought that would be possible, but just one session a week, training effectively with Alex and him providing training advice for in between times made it possible. Everyone commented on my changing shape and having a personal trainer at home made the sessions impossible to wriggle out of!

So thanks Alex, with my shape rapidly changing due to pregnancy, your assistance may be requested again in future to help get me back in shape!’

Lorna Clark

Jofullsize ‘I signed up with Alex as I needed a push and motivating to lose weight and get fit. After only 4 weeks I’ve lost 16lb and feel healthier and fitter. Alex is a great motivator and has pushed me far beyond what I could ever have done alone. I would say to anyone looking for a PT ..look no further!’

Johanne Whitehead, Hotel General Manager.

Johanne has now lost 30lbs in 8 weeks beating her target of 21lbs in 9 weeks for her holidays. – Alex

Now into her 14th week of training Johanne has lost 3st 1Ib and dropped 3 dress sizes. – Alex


I first contacted Alex about a year ago. Found him on Google and wondered if he could do anything for my muffin tops. I am not a big fan of exercise as I find it boring but Alex has kept me motivated throughout this time. My muffin tops have gone and I’ve lost inches from other parts of the body too .

Emma Eardley, Partner Johnsons Solicitors, Nottingham


‘When I first enlisted the help of Alex my key motivation was to lose a bit of weight but more importantly to tone up with the aim of feeling better about myself inside and out. I have been training now with Alex for five months, I have lost around half a stone and a dress size and I look and feel so much better. I have a new found confidence about my body brought about by training once a week with Alex at my home and then using the knowledge and techniques when exercising alone. Alex has pushed me outside my comfort zone and I am exercising in a way I would never have done before meeting him. Most importantly I am enjoying myself in the process of getting fit and healthy and friends and family have seen the improvement too which is fantastic!’

Tracey-Anne Bath, Acorn Legal Services


‘Alex was great. His jokes were terrible, but he made up for it with some really good training. I just wanted to get generally fitter and in the course of ten weeks he certainly trained (bullied?!!) me into much better shape. Not sure where the love handles went, but I don’t miss them a bit.’

Tony Woodley, Social Worker


‘I have had trouble with my running technique and muscle mobility and Alex has helped combat the issues – through varied techniques, he has improved my flexibility and addressed the areas of movement that consequently affected my running. After being a frequent member of The Gym I was unaware of how I could push my training further to get better and quicker results, and Alex has taught me some fantastic body strengthening exercises that were new to me – and I can always feel the benefits of the workout the next morning!’

Jessica Devos, Fashion graduate and model


‘Do not employ this man if you want to walk again ever!! No seriously me and my partner came back from holiday in September bloated and unfit and we decided to do something about it. We looked for a local personal trainer who would come to our house to train us and found Alex’s web site. Alex said he could train us from home but that he was based at The Gym which was near our office and that might work better. We had seen The Gym advertised but thought that at £16 a month it must be crap. In fact it’s the best gym we have ever been to! The great thing about Alex is that he knows what he is doing. After all he is a sports scientist. Consequently he works the whole body in a proper scientific way that gets results without pounding the treadmill for hours on end. We have both lost the half stone we wanted to and feel healthier and fitter. Alex never scrimps on time and never clock watches but woe betide you if you do as he will add on more time as a punishment!!

We can positively recommend Alex and The Gym. Why don’t you give it a try like we did, you won’t regret it.’

Ian Boddy, Partner Johnsons Solicitors, Nottingham


‘After just 12 sessions with Alex and adjusting my diet I have lost a stone and seen a marked improvement in my flexibility, strength and stamina. Only 10 months previously I had been part of a gold medal winning Masters rowing crew, training 6 times a week and regularly competing in regattas but lower back pain, a niggling rotator cuff and tight piriformis problems put me out of action for almost 6 months. That’s why I got in touch with Alex having deliberately researched a PT with a background in injury prevention and rehab. I wanted to crack on at a fair pace to catch up on all the training I had missed but without a return to pain.

Our sessions are interesting, dynamic and hard work – a combo of outdoor running, TRX suspension training, boxercise and medicine ball routines, all heart-pumping and sweaty stuff but strangely enjoyable as I know that each time I do them I seem to get better and stronger. Point in case – every so often Alex takes me up ‘the hill’….to monitor progress I guess, not my favourite but it’s a good yardstick. He described my first attempt as ‘almost an ambulance job’ – my breathing was laboured, my legs were heavy and I had to stop half way round. Today, only 6 weeks later I am a changed woman – my breathing is under control (so much so I talk most of the way), my stride is lengthening and my pace picking up. Not bad considering this was only my 3rd time up. Loving my training – I have just signed up for another 12 sessions and am back on the water!’

Netty Cox, Capt. British Army & Nottingham Rowing Club


‘Alex really helped me recently in improving my long distance running. I had been told by someone, who I thought was an expert, that I should run on the ball of my foot when running long distance. I started to have horrible back pain and decided to ignore it, yet I was so wrong to do so. Alex taught me how to change this gradually through some exercises, and by filming me before and after  I was able to see and feel a big difference. I now have no pains and can run at a greater speed, reaching the same distance in 2/3 the time. Thank you Alex.’

Catarina Carvalho, Student NTU


Fern ‘Alex is not only lovely and really helpful, he definitely knows what he is doing. He helped me with an ankle injury, which had turned into a knee injury. He sorted both out, as well as giving me some fantastic exercises that were much more effective than the ones I was doing, as they used all three planes of movement in one go. Alex also helped me improve the range of motion in my shoulders with some simple exercises which has massively helped with my gymnastics. I’d definitely recommend him!’

Fern Ravnkilde, Cheer Coach and Gymnast (Bottom left in photo).



‘I’ve known Alex for a while but it’s not been until recently that I’ve had the opportunity to have any sessions with him. I am a competitive master’s athlete and had been suffering problems with both calves which prevented me from training. I tried all the usual strengthening and stretching routines but was getting nowhere and was beginning to get rather frustrated. Alex first performed a functional assessment on me which largely consisted of watching me walk, however as simple as it sounds he was able to hone straight in on what my problems were and provide a practical solution. He provided some hands on manipulation to the foot/ankle area and assisted me with some dynamic functional stretching which seems strange to do at the time but I really did notice the difference straight away. I have been following my new regime now for several weeks and my injury has cleared up and I am back in competition and doing rather well. Thanks Alex!’

Martin White, Head Personal Trainer and Master’s Sprinter


‘I can not thank Alex enough for helping me sort out a knee injury which prevented me from running. After approaching Alex at one of the group classes I attend and explaining my injury, Alex managed to provide me with the relevant exercises and help which got me back up and running in no time. Without this advice/help/expertise I could have been out of action for months. Thanks Alex!’

Lisa Jones


‘After just four sessions with Alex I have already noticed a dramatic improvement in my fitness and can feel myself shaping up already! The Personal Training sessions have taught me how to exercise more effectively left me feeling much more motivated about keeping fit.’

Lorna Jordan-Owers, Veterinarian.


‘Alex is a fantastic personal trainer; I have seen a few over the years, but he is the only one to have kept me on track, he really motivates me and also makes exercise fun. I have been able to reach my fitness goals and I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having a personal trainer.’

Julie Soraczyn, MD PhysioPod UK ltd.


‘I have been running with Alex for over two years now and he is by far the most reliable, flexible and professional fitness instructor i have trained with.’

Janine Rhodes, Mum of two.


‘Alex has provided me with PT sessions and workout techniques for a number of years. His sessions are always tailored to my personal needs and we work on the areas that I wish to. He is motivating and makes me work far harder than I would alone. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a PT to contact Alex – he’s great!’

Dr Louise Rudd, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.


‘Alex is a great fitness instructor. Working with him gives you an insight into what you should do and what you need to do. He is motivational and pushes you to achieve the best you can in the time available. I would highly recommend him.’

Leon Rudd


Testimonials from other Fitness Professionals.

‘I would just like to thank you for an enlightening course at the weekend. I have never particularly enjoyed doing courses (although i thoroughly understand the importance), but this course content, and delivery, were second to none. I found the explanations clear, and the practical demonstrations allowed all the theory to fall in to place.

The course itself has given me the confidence to push new avenues of training, and hopefully that will show financially very soon. I love the FASTER approach to training, with free ‘refresher’ courses etc, and I am sure you will see me on one again soon!’

Edd Moore, Sheffield


‘The Advance Functional Trainer is one of if not the best course i have been on during my time as a Personal Trainer. The AFT has allowed me to correctly identify problems in my clients and this has helped me so much in simple exercises such as squats. Being able to see the reason they don’t have enough flexibility and fixing that problem has enabled my clients to use full range of movement in a squat.

The course is very well detailed and Alex is a fantastic instructor and really is hands on to help out with anything that you’re struggling with. I would recommend any fitness professional who is wanting to progress to attend an AFT with FASTER as the knowledge and benefit you will get from it is second to none.’

Liam Slater, Nottingham


‘The course was a fantastic eye opener and has given me a whole new approach to incorporate into my training. My clients are already feeling the benefits. Every trainer should seriously think about having this course under their belts!” Steve Noble, Lincoln   ‘For me this was the ideal mix of theory and practical – helping me to start thinking about movement in a completely different way.

The course is pitched at just the right level enabling you to open your mind about human movement & leaving you wanting to learn more. It was refreshing to listen to someone who is obviously an expert in his field giving honest opinions about where the industry stands and the information out there.’

Mark Fawcett, Lincoln


‘I have just completed the Faster Global Advanced Functional Training course and can’t believe how much I have learnt in such a short space of time. It has totally changed the way I train my clients, and has added a lot of value to the service I provide them. FASTER are miles ahead of the competition, and their courses will give you the knowledge to stand out from the crowd.  If you’re sitting on the fence about what course to do next, choose this one. I will guarantee you will not regret it.’

Matthew Naylor, Bournemouth


‘The AFT course has opened my mind to new ways of dealing with clients and approaching different situations, I now have a greater understanding of analysing movements and applying exercise solutions to benefit my client in both sports specific environments and in day to day activities.

The course is heavy in terms of the bulk of information you have to digest over the course duration, however, it’s well worth the money and the information soon sticks after reading back through notes and the course manual.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their business and greater their knowledge of functional training and movement analysis. My tutor Alex was very friendly and knowledgeable and I am now looking forward to enrolling on the diploma!’

Brett Carr, Doncaster


“The FASTER and Group X training tour with Alex Thomas on Sunday in Bristol was fantastic! It was so great to spend 4 hours being properly educated and I came away feeling I have been given the skills to go out and confidently put it in to action. I will not be struggling for new exercises for a while! Thanks for providing such a great product!”

Heather Ferry, Falmouth.


“Thanks for a great weekend on AFT was awesome.” Chris Woodhall, Birmingham.


‘Nice one Alex, the course was wicked good bunch of people learnt shed loads. Catch you soon.’

Colin McCurdy, Shefield.


‘Excellent – very inspirational – left wanting to know more!’

Mairi Taylor, Leicestershire


‘It certainly made you think about how to teach exercises in a different way using all three planes of motion and the notes provided will help to remind me of the workshop content and with formulating training programmes. I already use some of these type of exercises in my own training and now have a better understanding of how to expand my repertoire. Alex was very knowledgeable and made it easy to follow.’

Valda Chester, Guildford



* Results May Vary: Causes for being unfit, overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person, hence results will also vary. No individual result should be seen as typical. Individual weight loss results, amount and time duration will all be different.